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The point to point Road bike route in La Rioja - Spain

FUENTES del VINO it is an organized MTB or Road Bike Route. A cyclist tour through a large territory of Northern Spain.
With epicenter in the wine region of La Rioja, its kilometers extend through the neighboring provinces of Soria, Burgos, the Basque Country and Navarre.

Days of harvest in La Rioja
The notorious Zone-zero of FUENTES del VINO. Bodegas Marqués de Riscal in Elciego. In the background, Laguardia.
The Herrera Mountain Pass; one of the great of FUENTES del VINO PUNTO BIKE with 13% ramps
Dusk falls on the vineyards of the lagoon and alight the fortressed walls of Laguardia.
Serenity; rolling hills on spinning wheels
"Tour de La Demanda" takes us past the mysterious underwater village of Mansilla

FUENTES del VINO is a round-trip route set to take from 3 to 5 days.

Our page offers you everything you could possibly need to organize your journey: GPS tracks, maps, guide rail, roadmaps and links to all services you will need if you want to do it on your own.

You can also see the different options available if you prefer to hire a self-guided pack with everything organized.

There are diferents options of route. Check them out here.

mapa de ruta

FUENTES del VINO Aralar-Urbión 5 Stages
The more "slow" route option, 5 Stages

A route nearly similar to the 4-day but partitioned in 5. Mornings for bicycle and afternoons free for what you want.


mapa de ruta

FUENTES del VINO Pamplona 4 Stages
FUENTES del VINO route option with start in Pamplona

A demanding route. Almost what we call a -PLUS-


mapa de ruta

The southern half of the route: Laguardia - Logroño - Urbion

The choice for a long weekend

includes Option PLUS


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FUENTES del VINO Aralar-Urbion, the base option.
Starting the route in Arbizu or Laguardia.

From the Aralar Range FUENTES del VINO goes to the South, through Navarra’s lands first and La Rioja later, until reaching the Urbión clump in the province of Soria. The return is again through the vineyards of La Rioja and the lonely roads of the Montaña Alavesa.

When the heat is oppressive or if we just want to have more time for sightseeing on foot, we can reduce the length of the route welcoming what we have come to call "+30ºC Option". The quality of the route will be slightly reduced, but the quality of the day will be significantly increased.

Although all the information is written performing the route clockwise, it is perfectly possible to do in the opposite direction without losing an iota of interest. Usually the sense of the route is determined by the need to avoid making night at Laguardia on Friday or Saturday. This is so because of the difficulty of booking accommodation in those days as a result of the tourist pressure supported by the village.

map of the route
map of the route

The route can be started at Laguardia, Pamplona or Arbizu.
Purely for logistical purposes, in this option of 4 days we have numbered the stages from 1 to 4 starting from Arbizu.

1st stage: Arbizu - Puente La Reina
Distance: 105 / 76km   Unevenness: 1.460 / 1.230m
2nd stage: Puente La Reina - Laguna de Cameros
Distance: 140 / 130m   Unevenness: 2.200 / 1.840m
3rd stage: Laguna de Cameros - Laguardia
Distance: 141 / 120km   Unevenness: 1.730 / 1.350m
4rd stage: Laguardia - Arbizu
Distance: 108 / 96km   Unevenness: 1.480 / 1.190m
Multimedia and/or description of the route

The list will be at least spectacular...
We start from Aralar and we begin: Sierra de Andia, Santuario de Codes, Sierra de Cameros Viejo, Macizo de Urbión, Sierra de Cameros Nuevo, Sierra de Cantabria, Izki Natural Park, Urbasa Range... and already finishing, Aralar again.

Fuentes del Vino_Altos Genbe

Altos de Goñi, sierra and crops

We have named the high, the FUENTES. At the intervals remained the valleys and plains, the VINO. (wine) places.

Fuentes del Vino_Bodegas Otazu

Señorío de Otazu under El Cabezón de Etxauri, first major encounter with the vineyards

First was the Sakana valley (Navarre) which was sinking while we were ascending Lizarraga’s port, later on a bit of Tierra Estella... altos de Goñi... Cuenca de Pamplona, almost in profile and the Pyrenees by closing the set and now yes, full Tierra Estella... and Logroño on the Ebro basin before climbing on the Iberian mountain range and touching Soria.

Fuentes del Vino_Barranco Rio Leza

Breathtaking Canyon del Río Leza, enter territory Cameros

In the way back Monasterios de Suso and Yuso in San Millan de la Cogolla, vineyards and more vineyards in basin of La Rioja, Montaña Alavesa in full and again Tierra Estella and Barranca Navarra.

Fuentes del Vino_Monasterio San Millan

Monasterio de Yuso -San Millán de la Cogolla- World Heritage site

In short: A quite overwhelming and largely unknown geography, almost always solitary roads, ports without impossible percentages and a territory both cultural and historically boundless.

Fuentes del Vino_La Muela de San Roman

La Muela de San Román, Montaña Alavesa

This is FUENTES del VINO, an invitation.

Prices and purchase of all-in packages LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE

And if you prefer the Mountain Bike click on the map below to know FUENTES del VINO MTB

The MTB Route through the Wineyards and Mountains of LA RIOJA


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