FUENTES del VINO Aralar - Urbión
Cycling Tour

Version 5 Stages. The more Slow option.

This 5 days proposal we raise here is clearly intended to adapt to those hot days of the year when we all know that at certain times it is better not to be on the road.

The idea is: to get up early, to pedal with the fresh air, to finish the stages when the Sun begins to be a threat, and to have the rest of the day to spend it as we wish. Any ideas? Get into a pool ... stay hydrated on the terrace of a bar ... or look for shady corners among the narrow streets full of history of the places we will stay along the entire route.

Although all the information is written performing the route clockwise, it is perfectly possible to do in the opposite direction without losing an iota of interest. Usually the sense of the route is determined by the need to avoid making night at Laguardia on Friday or Saturday. This is so because of the difficulty of booking accommodation in those days as a result of the tourist pressure supported by the village.

map of ruta
map of ruta

The route can be started at Laguardia or Arbizu.
Purely for logistical purposes, in this option of 5 days we have numbered the stages from 1 to 5 starting from Laguardia.

Stage 1: Laguardia - Arbizu
Distance: 96km   Unevenness: 1.190m

Stage 2: Arbizu - Puente La Reina
Distance: 77km   Unevenness: 1.300m

Stage 3: Puente La Reina - Logroño
Distance: 94km   Unevenness: 1.430m

Stage 4: Logroño - Montenegro de Cameros
Distance: 82km   Unevenness: 1.380m

Stage 5: Montenegro de Cameros - Laguardia
Distance: 109km   Unevenness: 1.110m

Stage 1: Laguardia - Arbizu
Distance: 96km   Unevenness: 1.190m

mapa FUENTES del VINO 1

Stage 2: Arbizu - Puente La Reina
Distance: 77km   Unevenness: 1.300m

mapa FUENTES del VINO 1

Stage 3: Puente La Reina - Logroño
Distance: 94km   Unevenness: 1.430m

mapa FUENTES del VINO 1

Stage 4: Logroño - Montenegro de Cameros
Distance: 82km   Unevenness: 1.380m

mapa FUENTES del VINO 1

Stage 5: Montenegro de Cameros - Laguardia
Distance: 109km   Unevenness: 1.110m

mapa FUENTES del VINO 1
Multimedia and/or description of the route

The vineyard ordes...

bikers cycling

...we obey.
 Cicloturista Vitoria 2016

Cantabria Range

First section of the route, Laguardia - La Aldea. We should pass through the Cantabria Range and fall on the other side, to the Montaña Alavesa.
 Cicloturista Vitoria 2016

La Aldea mountain pass

Rocky gap at the top of La Aldea mountain pass. Natural entrance to the Montaña Alavesa.

La Muela de San Román

La Muela de San Román, quiet roads in the Montaña Alavesa.

Urbasa Range

Scenes of the route, we are in the Urbasa Range.

The impressive Beriain pic

The impressive Beriain during the climb to the Lizarraga port. In the background, with snow, the Sierra of Aralar, the northernmost point of FUENTES del VINO. Point of contact with BASOAK route.

Ascending Lizarraga

Ascending Lizarraga. The Sakana Valley is becoming increasingly lower down.

Lizarraga mountain pass

Filling tanks after topping the Lizarraga mountain pass.

Descent to Lezaun

Lizarraga South, fast descent to Lezaun.

Andía Range

Everyday scenes in the Andía Range.

Hermitage of Santa Catalina

Descending Lezaun; Aritzaleta and the Hermitage of Santa Catalina.

Tierra Estella

We "touch" momentarily Tierra Estella, and we are going back up to search the alto de Etxauri.

Etxauri climbing rocks

Climbing rocks from the Alto de Etxauri.

panoramic view over Pamplona

From Etxauri Etxauri mountain pass we will have an exceptional panoramic view over the Pamplona basin and, weather permitting, on the Pyrenees.

Ascending Etxauri mountain pass

Professional peloton ascending Etxauri mountain pass.
 Euskal Itzulia 2017

Etxauri mountain pass summit

Etxauri, last kilometer.
 Euskal Itzulia 2017

Navarre of sunflowers

Towards Puente La Reina, Navarre of sunflowers.

Otazu Wineries

Señorío de Otazu under the walls of Etxauri, first major encounter with the vineyards.

Puente La Reina

End of stage, Puente La Reina and its medieval bridge (11th century).

Lines and curves in Aritzala

The first half of the route passes through Tierra Estella. Lines and curves in Aritzala.

Descending Eraul mountain pass

Descending Eraul mountain pass to Abartzuza, It will touch us climb it on this side.
Gran Prix Indurain 2017

Gran Prix Indurain-1

Scenes of professional cycling in Alto Eraul.
Gran Prix Indurain 2017

Gran Prix Indurain-2

The GP Indurain sharing road with FUENTES del VINO.
Gran Prix Indurain 2017

Tierra Estella

We are crossing Tierra Estella. At the background we begin to glimpse Sierra de Cantabria, which will serve as a horizon for a long time. To the right, the Sierra de Codés, there we go.

Camino de los Pasajeros

After the explosive kilometre that starts in Otiñano, we descend along the "Camino de los Pasajeros" at the doors of Santuario de Codés.

Aguilar mountain pass

Aguilar mountain pass, we leave behind Codes Range. Ahead... 13 kilometres of descent to Viana.

Ebro River

Ebro River. Ebro equal to Iber in Latin. The river that gave name to the Iberian peninsula.

Autumn vineyards

Cantabria Range and autumn vineyards on the banks of the Ebro.

Vineyards in Logroño

Logroño in their environment. Our PUNTO BIKE today.

autumn mornings

Autumn mornings can be cold in Logroño.

Murillo de Leza

Murillo de Leza, entry to the territory of Cameros.

Typical landscape of Cameros Range

Typical landscape of Cameros Range. Territory of the first kilometers of the day.

Leza Canyon

Overwhelming Leza Canyon. The road, at the top, almost fly over the river.

Leza river

We continue beside the Leza river. Environment of green mantle native close to Laguna de Cameros.

ramps of Sancho Leza

Autumnal atmosphere on the first ramps of Sancho Leza.

Sancho Leza mountain pass

Ending the first difficulty of the day, Sancho Leza. We are entering the Sierra Cebollera.

arrival to Soria

As always, cows give us attention. In a few minutes we will enter in the province of Soria.

Hermitage of Lomos de Orios

If the stage is short, in Villoslada de Cameros we can extend it to the singular Hermitage of Lomos de Orios. A soft port of 8.5 kilometers which introduces us even more in the Sierra Cebollera.

Montenegro de Cameros

Montenegro de Cameros, in the heart of Cebollera range. End of today's stage.

climbing Montenegro mountain pass

First difficulty of the day, Montenegro mountain pass, also called the Viniegras. 6 km to 6%.

Montenegro mountain pass, summit

At the top we left Soria and return to La Rioja.

descending Montenegro mountain pass

Cameros Range, descending the Montenegro mountain pass towards Viniegras de arriba.

Close to Bobadilla

Close to Bobadilla. We leave behind the Iberian Mountain range and return to the "friendly zone" of the route, again the warmth and the aroma of vineyard.

Fuentes del Vino_Monasterio San Millan

A mandatory stop. Yuso Monastery -San Millán de la Cogolla- World Heritage site.

Group of escaped

Group of escaped leaving behind the monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla.
La Rioja Tour 2017

scenes in Berceo

Career scenes in Berceo.
La Rioja Tour 2017

Autumn Vineyards

Autumn Vineyards in our way through Najera.

Ascend to Laguardia

A last effort - 200 meters- to ascend to Laguardia from the basin of the River Ebro in Cenicero.

Rothschild Vega-Sicilia

Winter vineyards of Macán Wineries - Rothschild Vega-Sicilia - under the Sierra de Cantabria.

Laguardia from Elciego

Laguardia from Elciego, end of the third stage. In the foreground Wineries of Marqués de Riscal.

more vineyards

The vineyard keeps on ordering...

long culottes

...we continue obeying. Notice for navigators, june and with long culottes.
 Cicloturista Vitoria 2016

Cantabria Range

Cantabria Range and Laguardia from Elciego. Zero zone of FUENTES del VINO.

This is FUENTES del VINO, an invitation.

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