Stage 2

Distance: 140 / 130 km
   Unevenness: 2.200 / 1.840 m


Looking for the South, while strolling through vineyards. Oak of Eraul, Santuario de Codés and Sierra de Cameros Viejo.

A long stage that after leaving Navarre and crossing the city of Logrono, goes into Sierra de Cameros through the impressive Cannon of the Leza river

Advisable to get up early. Especially if it is going to be hot.

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The first third of the route passes through Tierra Estella.

The GP Indurain sharing road with FUENTES del VINO
 Grand Prix Indurain 2017

Alto Eraul, Wind, Sun and Water
 Grand Prix Indurain 2017

Scenes of professional cycling in Alto Eraul
 Grand Prix Indurain 2017

Oak of Eraul. This three was born when in Europe still do not knew America. For us it is the beginning of the descent.

We are crossing Tierra Estella. At the background we begin to glimpse Sierra de Cantabria, which will serve as a horizon for a long time. To the right, the Sierra de Codés, there we go.

After the explosive kilometre that starts in Otiñano, we descend along the "Camino de los Pasajeros" at the doors of Santuario de Codés.

Alto de Aguilar, we leave behind the Sierra de Codes. Ahead... 13 kilometres of descent to Viana.

Logroño, the city of wine.

Scenes of the route on the banks of the Ebro.

The route goes deep into the Sierra de Camero Viejo.

Overwhelming Río Leza Canyon. The road, at the top, almost fly over the river.

We continue beside the Leza. Environment of green mantle native close to Laguna de Cameros.

Let's start to get used, here everything is ".. .of Cameros"

Typical landscape of the Sierra de Cameros.

Arrival at the end of stage, Laguna de Cameros.

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Criterion for routes ranking

Criteria used in the 6 levels that we have chosen for the ranking of the routes:

  1. Walks or family routes: Routes with light slopes and little travel. Suitable for untrained family groups or for people who usually don't use the bike
  2. Easy: Routes with a slope that can reach 1000 meters but facing none of the large ports.
    The distance will range between 40 and 60 kilometers.
  3. Moderate: Routes with one of the "great" ports or a combination of similar difficulty. The slopes can be really important and slopes can range between 1000 and 2000 meters.
    The distance will vary between 60 and 100 kilometers.
  4. Hard: Routes with a slope ranging around 2500 meters. There may have to ascend 2 ports of the "greats" or one and several of the "minor".
    The distance will vary between 90 and 130 kilometers.
  5. Very hard: Routes ranging from the 2500 and 4000 meters of altitude. Sometimes there may have to ascend the 3 ports of the '' greats ''.
    The distance will exceed the 100 kilometers and may reach up to 200 km.
  6. Challenge: In these times there is a public that demands "more" yet. To them arises the concept of "challenge": stages of more than a day in "non-stop" mode, 4500-5000 or even more meters of altitude routes, individual or group time trial with 3000 meters of altitude and over 100 kilometers of route.
    Finally, a variety of what riders would usually call "nonsense" which to be more elegant, here we call it, 'Challenges'.

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